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So who is List Jenny and what's her story?

ListJenny™ was developed by parent company SMS Response Australia, which also owns Media M Group. In days of yore Media M Group was a list broking firm offering clients marketing lists of senior decision makers.

Unfortunately the quality of lists started to decline, plus clients were asking for highly specialised lists, which were available in tiny quantities and were subject to list owners' minimum orders and setup fees. This meant a client could pay $800 for 10 records! Not good. In fact, ridiculous.

So, director Kerryn Marlow decided to switch tactics and build a search platform where clients could hunt for their own leads when they wanted to, and with no expensive setup fees and no minimum orders.

The name is a cute-ish way of saying "list generation", but with YOU generating your own leads instead of buying a list from a third party. We have moved right away from supplying compiled lists, and give you the freedom to search for targeted fresh prospects.

If you have ever bought a mailing list, then you'd expect an Excel spreadsheet containing thousands of leads...BUT this is NOT what List Jenny does. It's a search platform where you take a bit more time to carefully curate the very best leads for your business, rather than a mass mailing.

Our parent company SMS Response Australia also owns:
mediamgroup.com.au(not lists anymore. Now marketing to pharmacies)

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Head Office List Jenny & Media M Group:
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PH: 1300 722 940 or +61 434 085 892

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