Frequently Asked Questions

So what is a List Jenny and how does it help me?

ListJenny is a search engine for fresh leads. Enter the criteria of your ideal prospect (job titles, location etc), and hit SEARCH. List Jenny will comb the internet and present candidates to you in a neat list. Select the appropriate leads, and lookup their email address. That's it. Nice and simple.

How does List Jenny search for leads?

The platform uses the power of Google search, plus we use a special email discovery tool that is the best in its class.

Does it scrape LinkedIn?

Nope. All the data is publicly available. Truth be told, if you were savvy with Boolean search (look away now if your eyes are glazing over) you could do this yourself...sort of. But it would take ages, and ListJenny does it faster and tidier for you, plus you can save the results.

But List Jenny search results do capture and include links to the prospects' LinkedIn pages, so you have the best of both worlds.

Are the emails spam compliant?

We are not selling lists. Our service is providing you with a search platform for leads and contacts for your business, and the contacts that you find are publicly available as are their email addresses. Under the Spam Act, or CAN SPAM Act, a publicly available email usually falls under Inferred Consent. Having said that, you must offer the person the opportunity to never hear from you again. And in practice, if that person is not interested in your wares, you would be unlikely to contact them again anyway.

In our opinion, the days of mass emailing businesspeople are over. Apart from annoying people, it is poor marketing, damaging to your brand and company, and a waste of your money and time. It is our firm belief that carefully researching a potential sales lead, then approaching them if they fit your service and you fit theirs is a great way to conduct sales.

Putting thought into your sales prospects shows respect, and usually yields higher sales because you are genuine and the product is a good match for theirs. Our Director has used this approach for years and it has worked wonderfully well! Now ListJenny makes this lead search process quicker for you.

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