How List Jenny Works

ListJenny™ is a customised search platform where you can plug in your criteria and launch the SEARCH to find appropriate contacts & the best leads that fit your business.

You can EXPORT your lists or Contacts into a CSV file anytime for easy import into Outlook, SalesForce, Insightly, or your favourite CRM program.

Buying a list & emailing the planet is a waste of your time & money. Most times emails go to the wrong person. And in the eyes of the recipient, your company is a spammer clogging their inbox.

You loathe getting these poorly targeted emails too. We all do.

List Jenny puts an end to scattergun marketing by helping you find the RIGHT leads based on your criteria, greatly increasing the prospects of a sale for you!

Low monthly subscription. Cancel anytime.

Check out the video to see how ListJenny™ works

If the video below has issues please go directly to our YouTube page. Click here

List Jenny also links you to the prospects' LinkedIn pages.

In addition to your search platform, there's a free Address Book to store and maintain your Lists and Contacts. You can also send an email directly from your Contacts pages using your own email program like Outlook.

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