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ListJenny™ business lead search & email finder.

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Fresh sales leads & business email leads in minutes

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Your Sales Pipeline

ListJenny™ lead search has advanced search options like job title, brand, industry, city etc.

Find Prospects Fast!

ListJenny™ combs the internet based on your criteria, so you get the RIGHT candidates.

Email Discovery Tool

Most businesspeople are okay with receiving cold emails if they are RELEVANT, as yours will be!

Fast search for FRESH leads

ListJenny™ is a search tool which finds sales leads & prospects for you. Say you need Marketing Managers in Transport from Sydney. Or Software Testers from California. Or HR Managers in Manufacturing from London. Voice Actors in Perth...the choice is yours.

ListJenny™ finds & neatly collates leads based on your criteria. Build highly-targeted email contact lists. Get sales happening efficiently.

  • Easy to use.
  • Inbuilt list manager.
  • Easily download your lists anytime.
  • No contracts. Cancel your subscription anytime.
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Fresh Data

ListJenny™ is "live lead generation". Find emails of prospects who suit what you're offering...e.g. a service, product, or job. Search on Job Title, Location, Industry & Advanced Search for super-targeting. Generate highly targeted leads for a flat monthly subscription with no hidden costs.

Email Address Lookup

ListJenny™ has a built-in email lookup tool that gives you the option to search for a contact's publically available email address, and store this in your Contact lists in your account. You can also manually add emails.

No old data!

Why pay a queen's ransom for mouldy old lists? With ListJenny™ you can search fresh data with no setup fee and no expiry on use. It's one low monthly subscription with no hidden fees.

Recruiting tool

In addition to searching for those Senior Decision makers, ListJenny™ is also great for recruiting. Simply search for the job titles, select your favourite candidates, and store in your Contact lists.

Free data tools

You can use ListJenny™ to store your Contacts across multiple lists, plus keep detailed notes and other contact data. Editing and export facilities at your service!

View Plans

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    • Startup

      $ 19 mo
      • Global Lead Search
      • Select & Save Results
      • Unlimited Export to CSV
      • List Manager
        (store up to 150 contacts)
      • 75 email credits per month
      • Free support
      • Cancel anytime
    • Silver

      $ 49 mo
      • Global Lead Search
      • Select & Save Results
      • Unlimited Export to CSV
      • List Manager
        (store up to 500 contacts)
      • 200 email credits per month
      • Free support
      • Cancel anytime
    • Gold

      $ 99 mo
      • Global Lead Search
      • Select & Save Results
      • Unlimited Export to CSV
      • List Manager
        (store unlimited contacts)
      • 750 email credits per month
      • Free support
      • Cancel anytime

Prices shown are in Australian Dollars & include taxes. 1 email credit = 1 verified email found

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum time I need to sign up for?

Absolutely not. If you're on a plan, cancel whenever you want. Or simply get a Day Pass which gives you 24 hour access for a cheap $7. And you can come back and buy another Day Pass anytime in the future.

Where are you based?

Head Office is in Melbourne, Australia. ListJenny platform is securely hosted in the USA.

How do I pay?

We use Stripe, which accepts most major credits cards. Billing is Australian dollars (a bargain if you're in USA or Europe!)

Can't I just buy a list of a bazillion emails from you?

No we don't sell lists. We know from experience that finding & contacting the RIGHT people about your business is a lot more effective.

Got a question? Whizz over an email and we'll respond ASAP